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    System Engineer 12000-20000元
    珠海香洲區前山街道 1年以上 本科
    金邦達有限公司 2019-07-29 06:05:04 826人關注
    dedicated for HK and oversea projects but based in Zhuhai need to travel to HK and oversea --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Engineer Responsibility: Responsible for project Implementation, system configuration/ implementation/ development Essential Requirements: 1.Degree holder in Information Technology / Computer Science / Engineering or equivalent, with 1+ years related working experience 2.Experience in SQL database and NoSQL database such as MongoDB 3.Experience in programming using Java, C/C++, HTML5 4.Knowledge in Cyber Security is a plus 5.Knowledge in WOSA/ XFS is a plus 6.Strong team spirit and interpersonal skills; Independent, responsible, aggressive and outgoing character 7.Experience in smartcard, identity-based enrolment-data management-instant issuance-card personalization and IT, card and mobile security technologies 8.Strong interpersonal communication skills (written and verbal) with ability to work in a cross-cultural environment 9.Able to travel for onsite support of events and meetings Others: ? Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese (Putonghua) ? Ability to work well with peer teams

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